About our Datacentre

Media Datacentre was founded in 2023 to provide customers with accessible and affordable virtual, physical and media-related servers and datacentre services. From low-end VPS to powerful dedicated servers and colocation services.

Our Tier 2 datacentre is conveniently located near the cities of Newbury, Basingstoke and Reading.

We're just a few minutes from a number of large cities, making it a convenient location for your infrastructure.

Our proximity to major cities and motorways

Basingstoke : 13 minutes

M3 Motorway : 14 minutes

Newbury : 14 minutes

M4 Motorway : 22 minutes

Reading : 32 minutes

Winchester : 32 minutes

M25 Motorway : 46 minutes

Swindon : 47 minutes

Southampton : 47 minutes

Guildford : 49 minutes

Oxford : 52 minutes

Datacentre Features
Capacity Our main datahall has capacity for 42x 47U 19" lockable racks, all with 1000mm depth capability. We're able to offer customers custom options from 1U to full racks (or multiple racks) for colocation.
Power Our building has a purpose built 3 phase power supply. Racks are protected with UPS and backed up by our on-site diesel generator with capacity to handle the load of all racks and servers. All racks have an A+B mains feed.
Network We have multiple circuits entering the building. We have ample bandwidth available to customers and can scale up at short notice should you need additional bandwidth. If you need to bring your own fibre or IP addresses, we can also accommodate this.
Security Our datacentre is located in a secure, barrier controlled business park, we have CCTV in both the business park, around the perimeter and also inside the building. We have security controlled access to the datahalls and alarm systems.
Cooling We have diverse and redundant cooling and extraction systems for both the main building and the datahalls to ensure optimum cooling and reduntant cooling supplies. Temperatures and humidity are constantly monitored.
Connectivity We have satellite, terrestrial TV, FM and DAB connectivity within the building. This can be used to feed servers or for off-air monitoring purposes. Ask us about our current connectivity for more information and pricing.
Facilities We have a build/crash room in case you need to work on your equipment, customer Wi-Fi, toilets (male and female), kitchen area with plenty of refreshments available at all times.

What makes us different

Privately Owned Our datacentre is privately owned and operated by our company, meaning you can speak directly to the datacentre operators.
24/7/365 support We offer 24/7 support on most of our products and services, you can reach us by phone, chat or via our support ticket system.
Personal Service We're not a large global corporation, we're a smaller business and, as such, we can offer you a more personal service.
Customer Service We're dedicated to offering you a prompt, professional service and meet your expectations in customer service.

About Us

Media Datacentre was founded in 2023 after the owners found a gap in the market, specifically in the South of the UK, offering customers reliable, cost effective datacentre services.

Media Datacentre Ltd is a company registered in the UK, with company registration number 15259538 and operates its own, 100% privately owned datacentre.

We are committed to providing the best virtual & physical server and infrastructure and datacentre services along with excellent customer support.

We are proud to offer a wide range of IT and media-related services, from audio and video streaming to mobile and TV app development and publishing. Through our sister company autopo.st we already service over 4,500 global customers.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Datacentre or the facilities we offer, please get in touch now with us and we'll be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Common questions

We've compiled a list of our frequently asked questions related to our Datacentre and the features listed on this page.

If you cannot find the answer to your question or would like more information on the matter, you can visit our FAQ page or contact us at any time and we will be happy to assist you.


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Media Datacentre opened it's doors in 2023, but we've been around for a long time providing solutions for the Media industry.

Colocation is the term referred to customers bringing their own infrastructure (typically servers) to be hosted in a datacentre. This is typically done to avoid having to host the servers yourself.

We have of course Internet connectivity, to connect your servers to the Internet and be publicly available. We also have other connectivity such as satellite, TV (digital terrestrial TV), FM and DAB. For TV, FM and DAB, we can only receive signals within our local coverage area.

Sure, no problem, we'll even throw in a cup of tea/coffee and some biscuits! It will need to be arranged in advance and you'll need to bring photographic ID. Just get in touch with us and request a datacentre tour and we'll confirm availability.

Most of our services are provisioned immediately but some products and services need to be customised to you, this means that we need to physically build your server and load the operating system based on your order.